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Three rows of golden brown baked bao, speckled with white sesame seeds, on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Gai Mei Bao

Today we’re making a sweet, pillowy dough, with a custardy coconut filling. Along the way, we’re gonna learn a highly advanced bread-making technique—and maybe, just maybe… <em>a little something about ourselves</em>?

A rich, reddish-brown sourdough boule with a blistered crust and a wide “grigne”—a slash down the center, split open by the bread rising in the oven.

Basic Sourdough

This recipe makes a nice little loaf in and of itself, for sure, but with a little remastering it can just as handily become a focaccia, sourdough baguettes, trap remix, whatever. The difference mostly comes down to the ratio of flours, amount of water, and number of airhorns you use.

A bowl of partially-mashed refried beans, with a sprig of oregano as garnish.

Refried Beans

A lot of people will tell you that <em>really</em> good refried beans can’t be made from canned beans. Well, I am here to tell you: okay, yeah, they’re probably right.

Shortbread cookies cut into 8-bit heart shapes and decorated with bright red royal icing.

Marzipan Shortbread

Most shortbread sucks pretty bad. This is a recipe for a shortbread that <em>isn’t</em> like eating vaguely butter-scented IKEA furniture.

A bowl of dark brown rice noodles, topped with raw bean sprouts and scallion greens.

Pad Thai

My wok sees more use than any other tool in my kitchen, hands-down.

A wok containing cubes of tofu simmering in a fiery red sauce.

Mapo Tofu

Listen. Warning, disclaimer, whatever: yes, this is spicy stuff. I mean, <em>look</em> at it; it’s practically glowing. I’ve got the under-eye sweats just thinking about it.

A handful of small, round, white dumplings, each with single red dot on the top, inside of a bamboo steamer basket.

Baozi (Mantou) Dough

The key to all your favorite <i>dim sum</i> classics is much easier than you think.

A thick, triangular, golden brown waffle with butter and syrup.

Liège Waffles

Anything can be part of a complete breakfast if you believe in yourself.

A ball of pale dough resting on a floured countertop.

Pizza Dough

Here at Wilto Makes Food Headquarters, we hold some pizza truths to be self-evident.

An open pressure cooker, containing herbs and chicken wings covered by water.

Utility Stock

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to turn freezer section ingredients into ramen-caliber stock, and this is the result.

A bowl of bright red chili oil.

Chili Oil

If you’re ever in North Cambridge, make a point of stopping by my old apartment.

Mise en place; tiny bowls of various spices and herbs, a large bowl of whole carrots, a leek, and a celery stalk.

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