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An uncut tray of raspberry bars, with the filling just showing through the topping in places.

Raspberry Oat Bars

You know those ads for marshmallow-centric breakfast cereals where they say they’re “part of a complete breakfast,” then show a tiny bowl of cereal, two grapefruits, six bran muffins, a ceasar salad, and a fistful of multivitamins sandwiched between two blocks of tofu?

Three rows of golden brown baked bao, speckled with white sesame seeds, on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Gai Mei Bao

Today we’re making a sweet, pillowy dough, with a custardy coconut filling. Along the way, we’re gonna learn a highly advanced bread-making technique—and maybe, just maybe… <em>a little something about ourselves</em>?

A rich, reddish-brown sourdough boule with a blistered crust and a wide “grigne”—a slash down the center, split open by the bread rising in the oven.

Basic Sourdough

This recipe makes a nice little loaf in and of itself, for sure, but with a little remastering it can just as handily become a focaccia, sourdough baguettes, trap remix, whatever. The difference mostly comes down to the ratio of flours, amount of water, and number of airhorns you use.

Shortbread cookies cut into 8-bit heart shapes and decorated with bright red royal icing.

Marzipan Shortbread

Most shortbread sucks pretty bad. This is a recipe for a shortbread that <em>isn’t</em> like eating vaguely butter-scented IKEA furniture.

A thick, triangular, golden brown waffle with butter and syrup.

Liège Waffles

Anything can be part of a complete breakfast if you believe in yourself.